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The Haircut prices for walk-ins are different from online booking.

     Rocky is focussed on health of mind, body, and spirit. Rocky is dedicated to making you look and feel great when you complete your visit at Rocky's salon. He loves clipper, scissors, and razor cuts, but also dedicates a large portion of his time to that perfect color. He loves recommending products to fit that perfect look. Spending much of his 25 years in the hair biz, in Los Angeles, Rocky has trained with some true artists in the hair industry. allen edward's and diane hosse come to mind. allen edward's is most notable for high profile clients such as Julianne Moore, Renee Zellweger, Laura Flynn Boyle, and many more. Let Rocky bring his years of working in the hair industry to meet your personal hair needs.
     Come on down to Rocky's on Sundays if you want this talented artist to fade, trim, or color your hair.  From barber skills to uptown colorist Gena is hip, and trendy and will give you a modern to retro look at the flip of her clippers, and scissors.. 



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